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fictional universe consisting of cabbits, cats and rabbits.

W.I.P. - A lot of stuff still work in progress. Me slow boy. Until then, enjoy some gay characters.

What is LunarCabbits?

LunarCabbits is an universe/world of my characters created by me. It plays in a mix of old/royal and modern setting. The stories mostly follow the four main characters Raphael, Kiro, Chari and Luna on their adventures or little fun casual stuff. While my old universe "Genisys" was based around a multiverse concept, this one rather focuses on just one world. I also personally prefered having my own thing instead of it being "forcingly" tied to other already existing universes and worlds. The characters themself tho have not really changed except a few things in the relationship area X3 (Also that Chari now is a total femboy instead of a girly non-binary lol).

Important Facts

  • The main and currently only existing country in "LunarCabbits" is Apfella Kingdom, which is the kingdom that Kiro's parents also rule over.
  • To make sure to avoid confusion: Raphael, Kiro and Chari are NOT in a poly relationship. Chari simply is a teasy mfer. Meanwhile Raphael and Kiro in the other hand are in a romantic relationship (god damn what gays).
  • In case you confused about how a royal family can allow their son to become gay, the answer is rather simple: they based.



Raphael Dachi

Kiro Himbeere

Chari Browne

Luna Phoenix

Character artworks by ZippedFluff

Friends and Family

Artwork by Kibynoa

Michael Dachi

Michael is a bunny running his own car business in Zapfinka called "DachiMotors". He is married to Nicolé Dachi and has 3 kids.

Artwork by Kibynoa

Nicolé Dachi

Nicolé is a cat and actively goes on adventures like climbing mountains. She is married to Michael Dachi and has 3 kids.

Artwork by Kibynoa

Rika Dachi

Rika is a cabbit who currently studies science. She has two brothers from which Raphael Dachi is her twin brother.

Artwork by Kibynoa

Tim Dachi

Tim is a cat who currently is playing the drums in a band. He has one brother and one sister where both of them are twins.

Artwork by CocoTheMunchkin

Ramona Meido

Ramona is a cute cabbit girl owning a popular maid café near the center of Zapfinka. She is close friends with the "LunarSquad".


Cabbits in Love

Artwork by Shion Bluu

College/School story about the cabbits (and gay love of course lol).

(coming soon)

Fun stories

just some fun stories.

(coming soon)