General stuff

Cabbidachi is neither a trademark or an organization. Its simply my username :3.

This website is also hosted with my own money. While its possible to technically donate me money, i am not earning any money with the website itself.

Important Character info

All of the characters on this website, including the ones that aren't the main cast, are 18 or older.

Please do not immediately get wild ideas tho, as i prefer to get notified before people plan drawings with my chars x3. If its meant to be a surprise then try to not choose something that could be potentially triggering like NSFW artwork. Also take in mind that the body types of all chars is androgynous, which means there are no visible male or female proportions.


Pretty much all artwork on this website was made by wonderful artists and peeps that i either commed or that just gifted me some art x3. You can find their credit below the artwork and also on the Credits page.

If you happen to be one of the artists and don't feel comfortable with your artwork being on here you can contact me on one of my social media accounts or via mail@cabbidachi.gay :3.

Note: If you want to write me an email i need some proof that you the actual artist e.g. a screenshot of you being logged in on a platform. Alternatively it also works if you contact me with an e-mail that is listed as your contact.