Welcome on me gay homepage :3

Gay Nerdy Cabbit from Germany

23 years old
Cabbit fursona


My name is Cabbidachi, but you can call me Raphael, Raphi or Raph :3. I am a nerdy gay boi that is very interested in coding and hosting his own stuff instead of relying on social media or similar. I already started designing a website very early but with just basic HTML and CSS. Now I am using a flat-file CMS for more proper management and also responsive UI design.

Artwork by ZippedFluff

My projects:

Project Webbit // Cabbidachi.GAY

You are literally currently looking at it x3. Project Webbit is a personal website that had its first concepts created since 2019 and has been fully realized in the year 2022. This website in general serves as a way for me to upload artwork from awesome artists and also to post information about my OCs and their world.

Artwork by ZippedFluff

LunaAI // Ethical companion project

LunaAI is based on the character Luna Phoenix and is meant to be an ethical AI companion in the future. Helping you but also respecting the credit of other people and only using stuff as sources if permitted. At the moment LunaAI is only a small project i am letting run in Discord with a few features and no AI-integration but i do plan for it to maybe be something more exciting in the future. I repeat that she is meant to be an ethical AI. She will not steal your stuff and i also do not plan to integrate anything like image generation into it anyways.

Artwork by Lussac Strange

Currently just concepts: