The history of (yes still funny)

Created on December 1st, 2023

Hello everyone. It is indeed i, the gay cabbet. I haven't really done any kind of blog post yet so i thought of one that maybe could go a little longer than just being a silly small post. So i thought why not just ramble about why all this even exists and why i would never want to go back honestly.

First of all it should be mentioned that me making a website isn't sometihng that plopped into my head just this year. I have experimented with making websites a long time ago, even tho they were mostly based on free website builders instead of selhosting. First in 2021 i really had the idea of selfhosting my stuff which mainly was because almost every service i switched to somehow fucked something up. Be it privacy issues, bad performance or straight up just not caring about their customers (or heck even all three :p). Around this time my hate for Windows also increased more and more which partly caused me to switch to a Linux desktop. This has been my first interaction with "selfhosting" as Linux has a ton of stuff that makes it possible just as the infamous webserver "Apache". Next to that i also read up on stuff like selfhosting a Wikipedia service via the official software "MediaWiki".

Think tho i should maybe kinda explain what "selfhosting" even means here. Selfhosting is simply a term used to describe hosting your own service. This can go from using a rented server to actually going full-in on selfhosting and just hosting stuff at your own home server. I am currently using a rented server as neither do i have that much knowledge on home server and networking schenanigans yet or actually have the needed the access to all that. (Plus German ISPs fucking suck).

Back to topic tho. In Late 2022 i looked into the idea of just hosting my own website. My reasoning was that i pretty much was done with other services just being completly stupid. A certain guy now running Twitter didn't really make that whole situation better. I also had the very specific concern that as soon as my account would get suspended at one of these places, all my stuff would just be gone. As with a website, even if my host would get mad at me i would still be able to get full backups on my stuff. Being able to just restore them on another host. Meanwhile with a social media account, if its gone its gone. I also felt like that a lot of stuff never really met my requirements. It essentially always ended in a server providing like 3/4 of the stuff i needed but not the rest. So i was always required to use multiple services that one day could just decide "Know what, screw you banned". This was when i started to consider going for my own website. Where i had the control and not some idiotic company that has long lost any worth of IQ.

The first experiments started with doing a website via simple HTML and CSS. Something that nowadays would probably be considered very silly. I have to admit tho that going full plain code has worked for me for a pretty long time and still does today. All i needed was something to more automate the process and an actual GUI. A classic i started using afterwards was of course WordPress. But quickly i noticed a big issue with WordPress. Yes WordPress is popular and widely supported but that is also a big weakness since it caused a big amount of bruteforcers trying to get into my website. I didn't think much about it at first and just started to secure my website more by for exmaple using encrypted usernames. But at the moment where they were somehow able to figure those out i got pretty concerned. Today i am in the big belive that there was some kind of API leak probably but back then i didn't really had the passion to trying fixing it.

As a result, building my website got a little slowed down as i was not aware of any alternative to work with at the time. That was until a friend of mine recommend my a CMS that called itself "Statamic". Statamic was an interesting one to experience at first. It essentially also used a GUI and was pretty easy to get into. But it had a little bit of a catch. While the basics were build for you, you essentially had to build everything yourself or rather extend the already existing stuff. While to a casual user this would sure be a turnoff, to me it was perfection. Not only didi t help me learning more about programming but it gave me full control over the content of my website. While WordPress does not stop you from going full custom mode it sure is more difficult to pull off there.

Pretty quickly i started building this website to what it is today. With the current situation of social media and public internet services in general right now i also wouldn't want to go back. Social Media is at a massive decline and Twitter has turned from a hellfire into a gateway to hell. With my website i can just build my own future without a big corporation saying "no" because "Your content is inapporiated because this and that". I honestly already wait for the day that my Twitter gets suspended because i am too gay for the website haha.

But that pretty much was that. In case you actually went trough the effort of reading that all congrats, you survived a rambling gay cabbit :p. I am unsure how much i will do with this whole blog thing. Right now my website is mainly used as a place to build my characters universes and some other fun stuff.

Anyways, have a great day :3.

~ Cabbidachi